Do Single Men Need To Buy Life Insurance?

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Do Single Men Need To Buy Life Insurance?


life insurance for single menThere's something mystical and alluring about the idea of single man. The bachelor. The single man lives his life as he will. No strings, no obligations. Just a man and his wits. When we think of the bachelor, we conjure up virile images of movie stars. And when it comes to the movies, these men do, indeed, seem to have it all.

But, we'll bet you the "real life" versions of single guys are a little different. They have obligations, they have "strings." And, more than likely, they also have life insurance. Too often, single men think they don't need life insurance. They're not married and don't have children or spouses to worry about upon their deaths. However, there are far more reasons for single men to buy life insurance online than there are not to. Let's take a look at some of the top reasons for single men to buy life insurance online.

Funeral Costs

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average funeral costs well over $7,000. Some funerals cost more and some less depending on the kind of burial and memorial service you want to have. Someone has to pay these end of life costs, even if you pass away when you are a single man.

If you don't have life insurance, your parents, siblings or nieces and nephews may end up bearing this cost. Life insurance can cover these funeral costs in the event of your death, sparing your family these costs. Life insurance also means you can have the memorial service or funeral of your choice instead of whatever your family members can afford.

An End of the Affairs

You may choose, as a single man, to not have a funeral at all, thus significantly reducing expenses associated with ones passing. However, there are still costs associated with your death. Unless you are a monk, you have left behind an entire life that requires attention.

There may be the matter of hospital bills if you were sick, the cost of travel if you have family in another city, and costs associated with movers, running obituaries, and generally tying up the loose ends of a life well lived. All of this costs time and money. Family members may have to take time off work, travel great distances and hire people to assist with the process of wrapping up your affairs. But, if you chose to buy life insurance online, the life insurance can help cover these expenses and ease the burden on your family already struck with the grief of losing you.

Leave a Legacy

A downside to being a single man is that you likely do not have any children to carry on your name and your legacy, so to speak. A life insurance policy can change that by actually providing a legacy to your family members after your death.

Imagine what a simple legacy of a life insurance policy could mean to the people who mean the most to you. All of a sudden, a niece, nephew or godchild may be able to afford college. You may have chosen to live a single life but that doesn't mean that life is devoid of strong, lasting relationships.

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