How Does Your Profession Affect Your Life Insurance Premiums?

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How Does Your Profession Affect Your Life Insurance Premiums?


life insurance premiumsThere is a lot to consider when buying life insurance -  from life expectancy to financial responsibilities and everything in between.  A major factor in determining insurance premiums is your profession. Whether you’re a steel worker or an accountant, there are certain risks that are part of your everyday life. These risks can affect your life insurance premiums and policy terms. Most insurance companies have a list of high-risk occupations which are most likely to result in on-the-job injury, loss, disability, illness or even death. Such occupations often include: police work, construction work, fire fighting and many more. Because these people face dangerous situations on a daily basis, they face higher rates and even coverage denial. Though the costs are higher, those who work in high risk fields are in great need of life insurance coverage. Even if your occupational hazards cause you to pay higher life insurance premiums, protecting your loved ones from the unexpected is well worth the investment


Terms and Conditions

Many insurance carriers still offer coverage to those in high-risk occupations; however, they often place strict terms and conditions on those policies. In some cases they even include coverage limits. High-risk policies are often reviewed throughout the term of the plan.  As a policy holder ages, insurers review their coverage to determine if their risk has increased. In many cases life insurance premiums are subsequently raised. There are however, circumstances in which a policy holder’s risk decreases, causing premiums to be reduced. 

Reducing Risk

There are several steps you can take to reduce your overall occupational risk in the eyes of an insurance company including:

  • Obtaining job-related certifications
  • Taking courses to improve on-the-job skills
  • Participating in workshops designed to teach safety habits, and
  • Taking care of your health


Taking these steps will not only help reduce your life insurance premium but will cause you to work smarter and safer.

No matter your career path, investing in life insurance should be a well thought-out decision. If you find that your occupation places you in the category of high risk life insurance policy holders, do not let this deter you from investing in life insurance. We are here to help you choose the right coverage and to answer your questions about the risk factors associated with your profession.

Do you have questions about your occupation and how it may or may not affect your life insurance premiums? Please share your comments and questions below or reach out to us directly. Our licensed agents are on hand to answer your questions and help you determine your risk factors.

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