The Art of Insurance: Like a Rate Quote from Efinancial, a Work of Art!

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The Art of Insurance: Like a Rate Quote from Efinancial, a Work of Art!

In thcurrencyart 150x150 resized 600e nineteenth century, elaborate engravings, called vignettes, were created for U.S. financial notes, insurance policies and securities. The variety and intricacy of the vignette subjects exploded with some of the most elaborate designs ever seen on legal tender. The works of art then disappeared after U.S. Government paper currency was introduced in 1861.

The images below come from the British Museum Prints Database. The image of the winged wand with snakes, known as Caduceus, is often associated with medicine but was the symbol of merchants and trade.

abcLetter X at centre and two female figures surrounding it. Design printed in black on tan paper. 19th c 216x300

At Efinancial, we create insurance coverage that is a work of art, creativity and excellence. For the state-of-the-art in better insurance rates and terms, ask us for free rate quote.

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